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Cleaning out you cavy regularly is important for it's health and to prevent the spread of bacteria. Follow these simple steps to make sure your guinea pig stays healthy and hygienic. 

  • Empty out all of the rubbish. Remove as much dust as you can.
  • Spray the home with some small animal disinfectant (not a normal household one because they can be harmful to cavies). This is important to stop the spread of bacteria and to prevent the cage from getting smelly but still lots of people don't do it. Then wipe it clean.
  • You can line the cage with newspaper if you wish. I find it makes it easier to clean out next time.
  • Fill up the cage about 1/2 - 1" with sawdust or wood shavings.
  • Put a generous amount of hay in one end.
  • Wash out the food dish and water bottle. Make sure they are well rinsed and return them to the cage.

This should be done at least twice per week.

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