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Health checks are very important. A quick check once a week could save your cavies life.

 To complete a health check, follow these steps -


  • Watch your guinea pig in it's home. Is it acting normal?
  • Look at it's faeces. Are they solid, normal amount of them?
  • Has the food been eaten?
  • Has the water been drunk?
  • Pick up your guinea pig and work you way from top to bottom.
  • Is the nose clean. No discharge.
  • Are the eyes bright and shiny?
  • Are the ears clean. No wax?
  • Is the coat shiny/ healthy? Not coming out in large amounts?
  • Are the paws ok.? No claws missing. Pads don't look sore.
  • Is the skin healthy? No bites, not dirty ect.
  • Is the anus and genitals clean? No discharge.

If you find a problem during a health check, visit the