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Norfolk Guinea Pig Rescue
Adopting and Buying


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Adopting and Buying
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Advice on where to get your new guinea pig from and what to look for in a new guinea pig. If you have the big questions, "Male or Female" or "How Many", then visit the Just For Fun page where you will find voting poles on these questions.

When buying or adopting a new guinea pig, you should first check that it is in good health. See the Health Checks page.
It is a good idea to try to adopt a guinea pig without a home before you buy from a breeder or pet shop. There are so many out there who really need homes. Email or phone some rescues and shelters in your area with a short description of what you are looking for (breed/age/sex) and visit them. They often have far more of a range and can offer good advice. They also aren't as likely to give you a pregnant, ill or wrongly sexed guinea pig. They are also much less expencive than pet shops.

Do you have everything you will need ready for when you bring your new guinea pig(s) home. Check this page, What You Will Need, to be sure!